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ACACI 2019 Counselor Educator of the Year

Dr. Laura Tejada honored at the Illinois Counseling Association Conference 

Counselor Educator of the Year is awarded by the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling in Illinois, and honors a counselor educator, supervisor, or trainer who has exhibited an exemplary record of educating counselors to work with children and adolescents.


Laura Tejada, PhD has exhibited an exemplary record of educating counselors and counselors-in-training to work with children and adolescents.  With degrees in school counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Counselor Education, as well as certification as a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor and years of practical counseling experience with children, Dr Tejada has been uniquely positioned to train counselors to provide exceptional services to youth.  She infuses her courses with practical and evidence-based practices and stories about working with children, and is the professor whose office door is always open to provide support for her students.  Dr Tejada currently teaches at Northeastern Illinois University, and has provided numerous trainings locally, nationally and internationally, including being the keynote at ACACI’s first conference in 2019

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