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Helping Children and Adolescents Thrive




Dear Valued ACACI Members,


We are grateful to each of you-- our wonderful members of ACACI-- for being dedicated to the well being of children and adolescents!  The 2021-23 ACACI Board is dedicated to supporting the work you do each day. 

We also want to offer members opportunities to become involved and to grow as practitioners and leaders. 

Benefits of Membership

Networking Opportunities

Benefits of Membership:  Please join us for one of our regular networking events organized by Networking/Outreach Committee Chair, Elizabeth House.  Please also join us at our annual meeting at the ICA Conference held every year in the Fall.  It is a great time to meet other members who share similar interests, gain new resources and to collaborate and make new friends. We hold our division meeting at the conference as well and would LOVE to meet you in person!  While at the conference be sure to stop by our Exhibit Booth, also, to learn about opportunities on our committees and enter the raffle for the ACACI basket drawing! 

Professional Development

We offered our first conference in 2019 and plan to hold one every other year in odd years before license renewal.  In even years we offer periodic workshops, webinars, and trainings.  These offerings are organized by our President Elect, Karolina Hogueisson.

Quarterly Newsletter 

We currently publish a quarterly newsletter edited by our Secretary and Newsletter Committee Chair, Christine Vinci.  We hope that you will submit an article for inclusion in one of our newsletters.  Please contact Christine directly at . She will be happy to help you achieve your dreams of having an article publish! 

Social Justice

We are exctied that Social Justice Committee Chair, Christine Brown will be an advocate for bringing the voices of children and adolescents to the foreground in ACACI and in the wider Illinois community.

Graduate Student Resources


Graduate Student Committee Chair, Julie Langan is creating a pilot mentor program and a visual resource to help graduate students understand the alphabet soup of professional counseling organizations.  Past-president, Peggy Mayfield also runs an Emerging Leaders program for graduate students and new members. 

Social Media

In addition to this website, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts managed by Social Media Committee Chair, Cindy Danzell.   We encourage you to join us! 

Membership Support

Membership Committee Chair, Ammarah Hussain connects with potential members, greets new members, and checks in with existing members at renewal.  

Have an ACACI Speaker at Your Function


Would you like to introduce members of your organization or students at your university to ACACI?  Please let us know!  We would be happy to arrange for someone to contact you and work out the details.

Opportunities for Member Involvement!

Are you looking for other ways to get involved? We have so many opportunities for you!

Check HERE to find out what committees need your help.

ACACI 2020 Awardees 

                          Cindy Danzell                               Jamie Enge                                   Dr. Lili Burciaga

                    2020 Emerging Leader                    2020 Counselor                        2020 Counselor Educator




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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling in Illinois is to enhance the quality of life for children and adolescents by promoting the development of professional counselors in this area, advancing the counseling profession by promoting training specific to the needs of children and adolescents, and using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect and understanding of child and adolescent mental health issues.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling in Illinois is to provide opportunities for Child and Adolescent Counselors to learn about mental health, network with one another, and contribute through their work and volunteer efforts to the mental wellness of children and adolescents in Illinois.

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