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ACACI Awards

Every Year at the Fall ICA Conference each division awards fellow colleagues for various awards relevant to the division’s mission and values. We highly value working alongside dedicated colleagues in this field and want to recognize you! Please consider nominating someone for one of our award categories:

  • ACACI Counselor of the Year Award: honors a counselor exhibiting a commitment to serving children and adolescents in Illinois with best practices and exemplary standards.

  • ACACI Counselor Educator of the Year Award: honoring an Illinois counselor educator, supervisor, or trainer who has exhibited an exemplary record of educating counselors to work with children and adolescents.

  • ACACI Advocate of the Year Award: honoring an Illinois resident who has advocated for youth to create sustainable positive change for children, adolescents, and their systems.

  • ACACI Emerging Leader of the Year Award: honoring an ACACI member, new professional, or graduate studentwho has made notable contributions to ACACI and has demonstrated transformative leadership skills,unconditional positive regard, and integrity

  • ACACI Research Award: honoring an Illinois research project which has the potential to enrich the scope ofcounseling practice with youth

  • ACACI Organizational Award: honoring an Illinois organization making a difference through commitment toprograms providing counseling services to youth in Illinois.

  • ACACI Youth Award: honoring an individual youth or group of youths in Illinois who have exhibited passion inadvocacy reflecting the values of the counseling profession.



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